Energy efficient

What solutions are available for reducing my consumption and energy costs? Based on the principle that “the cheapest energy is the energy that is not consumed”, Enerlis’ solutions leverage the three essential parameters that determine a building’s energy efficiency:

● System settings such as boiler room instrumentation or system monitoring
● Insulation work (heat lagging, insulation of attics and floors), heating systems (work on balancing devices, installation of thermostatic valves, etc.) and lighting work (relamping of private areas and common areas, distribution of LED bulb packs, etc.)
● Behaviour of occupants by establishing energy coaching programmes (raising awareness of energy issues, teaching of eco-gestures, etc.)

«Collective housing, individual homes, office buildings, storage buildings, etc. can be real energy drains and consume up to 40% more energy than a well-insulated building. »

  • Insulation of heating pipes

  • Insulation of attics and roofs

  • boiler room instrumentation

  • External thermal insulation

  • LED solutions

  • Ceiling and basement solution

Insulation of heating pipes

No insulation of heating pipes: 10 to 25% heat loss

Insulation of attics and roofs

Poorly insulated attics: 10 to 15% heat loss

boiler room instrumentation

Boiler incorrectly adjusted: 10 to 15% heat loss

External thermal insulation

Dilapidated external thermal insulation: 20 to 25% heat loss

LED solutions

Incandescent/halogen bulbs: 70 to 80% heat loss

Ceiling and basement solution

Poor floor insulation: 5 to 10% heat loss