Renewable energy

Which solutions are available for better consumption and meeting the challenges of the energy transition? Renewable energy comes from a natural resource that is replenished fast enough to be “inexhaustible”.

There are thus many examples of renewable energy.

Indeed, the natural sources used to generate energy such as the sun, wind, tides, earth’s heat, water’s force or anaerobic digestion of waste may be very different.

Enerlis has thus specialised in implementing several solutions to meet the considerable challenge of the energy transition facing future generations.

  • Hydraulic power solutions

  • biomass energy solutions

  • Photovoltaic roof system

  • photovoltaic parking shelters

  • Reclaiming wastewater energy

  • Heat pump solutions

Hydraulic power solutions

green energy production by a micro turbine thanks to the kinetic energy

Solutions Energie Biomasse

170 kWe biogas plant produces 1,300 MWe / year of renewable electricity and supplies 450 homes with electricity.

Panneaux photovoltaïques sur toiture

Reduce your electricity bill thanks to solar panels on the roofs of agricultural sheds or residential buildings

Ombrières photovoltaïques de parking

Reduce the electricity bill buildings and value-creation of car parks

Reclaiming wastewater energy

recover energy from wastewater to heat and cool your buildings without any power limits

Heat pump solutions

The simultaneous development of heat and electricity that can be done on site in buildings that need it.